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This is the Submission Thread for SpeedCon 2021.

Please be aware that given current pandemic, there sadly still is the chance of changes or cancellation.
We're at this point planning in good hope to be able to hold the event by that time.

The Submission Form is linked at the end of this Post.
Please read it carefully before submitting.

Submissions are now: Open
View submitted runs:



General Informations

The event will run from the 31th of March to the 5th of April 2021 in Potsdam, Germany.
This will be an on-site event, so make sure you are able to attend when submitting a run!
SpeedCon 2021 is located here.

You need to be at least 18 years old to attend!
Exception: If you are 16 or 17 years old, you will need written permission from your parents.

Please note: When your game gets accepted, we automatically reserve you a ticket for attending.
There will be a small ticket fee of ~17.80€, covering rent, insurance and other direct costs.

If mass housing is required, calculate an additional fee of up to 50€ for Wednesday to Monday.
Please only register for mass housing if you actually need it, there is only a very limited amount of slots available.

The closest bigger hotels are the BnB Potsdam and Mercure.


Submission Guidelines

- Discord is used as the main communication system; you are required to join our Discord server.
- Races are limited to two runners.
- Runs that have been accepted last year can be submitted again, but will be judged more critically.


Console Runner Information

- We don't provide consoles or cables, you will have to bring your own!
This includes power adapters for consoles with voltage or frequency levels that differ from the standard in Germany.
- No Emulation! Only DosBox and official emulators like Wii VC or similar are allowed.

We will officially support these inputs:
- Composite for SD Consoles (We provide CRTs for Composite)
- S-Video for SD Consoles (We provide CRTs for S-Video)
- RGB scart for SD consoles (We provide CRTs for RGB scart)¤¤¤
- Component for SD & HD consoles (only 480i/p and above) (Displayed on PC monitors trough a Scaler, might have a delay)¤¤¤
- HDMI (only 480i/p and above) (Displayed on PC monitors)

We won't support:
- RF
- Everything else not mentioned

¤¤¤ While we have RGB scart and Component available, we recommend to have a backup alternative.


PC Runner Information

- We will provide a runner PC;
If you plan on doing races, we will use a practice PC for the second runner.
Feel free to bring your own laptop (HDMI video output required).
- We will provide generic peripherals for the PCs.
- Game installation will be done during console runs. Please talk to us ahead of time to install your games!!!

Please note: we highly encourage you to bring your games and/or required software on a USB stick.
Don't rely on a good internet connection to be able to install your games.



- We will try our best to provide as much practice gear as possible.
- We will have CRT's for old consoles, HDMI PC Monitors for HD consoles and at least one separate PC for practice available.
- Our goal is to provide as much as we can, but our budget is very limited.
If you want to help us out, you can do so with a tip:



- For this marathon, cuts are done in one round.
- Expect cuts to be announced somewhen in January.

Make sure you are on our Discord! Then -> Submit here <-

Feel free to contact us on Discord if you’ve got any questions.

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