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This is the Submission Thread for SpeedCon 2020 (Corona Edition).

The Submission Form is linked at the end of this Post.
Please read it carefully before submitting.

Submissions are now: Closed
View submitted runs: http:/​/​submissions.​speedcon.​eu



General Information

The event will run from the 17th of April to the 19th of April 2020. (Or 18th - 19th depending on submissions)
It will be streamed on our channel and will support Save the Children with specific focus on SARS-CoV-2 related programs.

Submissions will be open till the 29th of March.


Submission Guidelines

- Discord is used as the main communication system; you are required to join our Discord server.

- We do not allow races for this online marathon.
- Additional commentators for your run are allowed.
- Please make sure you have a decent mic and that you can stream your game with a reasonable video quality.
- A facecam is not required but highly appreciated.

- Emulators are allowed for this one as long as the leaderboards for your game accept them.



- For this marathon, cuts are done in one round.
- We will do our best to do the cuts and publish a first schedule as quickly as possible.

Make sure you are on our Discord! Then -> Submit here <-

Feel free to contact us on Discord if you’ve got any questions.

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