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SpeedCon 2019 has come to an end and we'd love to hear what you thought. If you were onsite, a viewer or helped as a volunteer we are really interested to see what you think and make improvements for SpeedCon 2020.

We hope you all get home safe and catch up on some sleep.

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The events been great as always, arguably even greater thanks to the new location. Thank you to all the organisers.
And an additional thank you to everyone who brought a PC for others to do practice on. It was no problem at all to find a free on. Hopefully no one had a differing impression due to me hugging them too much :'D

The minor complaints I have are about the stream setup.

Like last year, the stream PC had astronomical loading times, creating freezing where I did not even know there was any loading done. That can be simply a waste of time in some games but also very irritating in others.

I have grown to dislike the camera angle of the runner cam. It kinda fails to capture everyone's, uhh... "Schokoladenseite" (German > English) and it also fails to capture the crowd, whenever there is one. I suspect it would look better if it were placed lower.

I didn't do any hosting this year, but (and I know I've said this before, sorry) I suspect that a pair of closed headphones could still be handy for the hosts. However this year there were loudspeakers on the tech station so I assume it was better than last year.

And on the note of acquiring hardware, I would, once again, suggest to just slap an extra 5€ on the ticket price to allocate to hardware. Between all the other associated costs of attending no one will notice the difference.

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Alrigthy, better late than never: my feedback towards SC 2019.

+ new location was very nice! I really liked that one could practice / hangout in the practice area, and still follow the stream and current run. When crowded though, the middle "corridor" was maybe a bit small, with people walking by, sometimes having to squeeze through the people sitting around a CRT.
+ there were (2?) more NTSC CRTs - very nice! PAL CRTs are almost useless to speedrunners, since most Speedruns on analogue consoles are on US/JAP NTSC-consoles. More NTSC CRTs would be great still. I took the liberty, and marked them with a blue marker (regarding whether they can handle NTSC and whether you need a remote to access the AV-Channel) - I guess/hope you guys don't mind ;-)
+ Chat monitor with ESA chat for the runners/comms: if there's not too much going on during the run, one could at least check and answer question from chat - nice feature!
+ 10:9 layout for GB/GBC games 😃 thanks for making it happen (even though, the resize without the SGB-Borders then happened during the run ;))
+ that we were allowed to bring our own beer 😃 at ESA Summer the location was a hotel, and they didn't allow you to bring your own food or drinks (except for water) to the event area... that sucked :-/
+ Some of the organizers went around the area and asked people whether they are alright and have everything they need etc - that was a really pleasent and nice gesture 🙂

- only 2 headsets with mics / only 1 additional handmic without headset: if there was a race for a high-execution game, it's likely that the runners who wear the headsets, aren't capable to commentate (in their second laguage!) while running. The quality of entertainment at these events also highly relies on entertaining and informative commentary, so it would be nice be able to provide at least 1 more mic - and preferably headsets for the commentators.
- talking about mics: I remember commentating the MegaMan X race and having a really hard time to understand what the racers said, because i only had the handmic and had to listen to the sound coming out of the speakers. It was quite crowded and loud in the back, so with that ambiente I had a hard time... Also the mix of the mics seemed to be really unbalanced at times, where the handmic was waaaaay louder than the headset mics (this might've been only in the streaming room though and not on stream) - so it would be nice, to also have a proper mix in the streaming room.
- there was some sort of ventilation thingy next to the couch (behind the courtain or so) which might be nice, during the summer. But running at 3 AM in the morning in april, I was freaking freezing sitting on the couch for like 2-3h during the run, with the ventilation breathing cold air all around me as well. Maybe there's a better way to place that thing...
- I agree with Urinstein: the camera angles were just not that well for a lot of runs this time. The camera should show the runners, couch and a few rows of the audience. I know, that with some layouts, there's just not a lot of space for the camera, but you don't have to be steven spielberg to find a nice angle and frame to capture the players and audience nicely.
or here: 2player race-layout, small spot for the camera in the layout, but it captures also a lot of "empty space" behind the couch and audience...
- say NO to composite video 😃 seriously... it just looks fucking crappy: -->usually there are enough people on the event who have (modded) consoles to provide s-video, component or RGB signals (looking at NES that natively only outputs composite at best).
- making a fuss about people hanging around and (casually :D) drinking beer. There are only grown ups there, so if there's no drinking games or hard liquor going on, I guess one can assume that it is fine. After all, it's a small group of people at the event and everyone should be able to look after each other...
- yes ... that one time where the camera filmed all those empty beer bottles on the table in the back was quite unfortunate (again, bad camera angle Kappa) but with just agreeing to keep the tables clean, we were able to solve that problem instantly, so no big deal 🙂.
- maybe a few more places, where people can hang out... i know the area wasn't thaaaaaat large, but maybe some more chairs in the back wouldn't hurt.

I guess that's about it. Once again, I wouldn't mind if you guys decide to raise the event-fee to get more money to buy more equip, or improve the event at some other places. Everything <=50€ would be totally fine for me.

After all, I really enjoyed the event again - thanks for your amazing work and effort. Looking forward to SC 2020 Kreygasm

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