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General Information Thread

Hey everyone,

this is the General Information Thread for SpeedCon 2019.
It will always be kept up to date with the latest information regarding the event.



General Information

Facts Open for everyone from April 10th to April 15th.
We aim for around 100 Attendees this year.
SpeedCon 2019 will be streamed on the ESA channel till the weekend and then ESAMarathon2.
We will once again support Save the Children.
Venue: The freiLand Potsdam

Stream: The stream will run from Wednesday afternoon until very early Monday morning (CEST (UTC+2)).



Guest tickets are sold out.
Runner tickets: Every runner whose run gets accepted will automatically have a ticket reserved.
Cost: The expenses coverage this year is ~15.79€, covering venue rent, insurance and disposable material.
Mass Housing: Will be on the area of the freiLand Potsdam.
It will be open from Wednesday afternoon till Monday afternoon.
Unfortunately there will be only one mass housing option this year with about 16 slots total.
Due to some unfortunate circumstances there will be a location switch on Friday.
More information regarding costs will be available later.
Due to the limited slots, mass housing might already be fully booked out by runners when guest tickets go live.


Submissions, Cuts and Schedule

Submissions are closed.



Just like last year we are open for hosting volunteers.
Sign up for volunteering here

Please join our Discord for any questions:
That's also the best place to stay up to date with information regarding SpeedCon.

If you want to support this project, please visit this link:
Any donation will be used to improve the stream and on-site experience.
For 2019, the focus will lie on a 1080p capable quad-capture to allow runners to run at their native resolution and hopefully solve some technically issues related to non-native res. (looking at you windows 10)

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