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This is the Submission Thread for SpeedCon 2019.

The Submission Form link is at the end of this Post.
Plese read it carefully.

Submissions are now: Closed
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General Informations

The event will run from the 10th of April to the 15th of April 2019 in Potsdam, Germany.
This will be an on-site event, so make sure you are able to attend when submitting a run!
SpeedCon 2019 is located here.

You need to be at least 18 years old to attend!
Exception: If you are 16 or 17 years old, you will need written permission from your parents.

Please note: When your game gets accepted, we automatically reserve you a ticket for attending.
There will be a small ticket fee of ~15.65€, covering rent, insurance and other direct costs.

If mass housing is required, calculate an additional fee of up to 50€ for Wednesday to Monday.
Please only register for mass housing if you actually need it, there is only a very limited amount of slots available.

The closest bigger hotels are the B&B Potsdam and Mercure.


Submission Guidelines

- Discord is used as the main communication system; you are required to join our Discord server.
- Races are limited to two runners.
- Runs that have been accepted last year can be submitted again, but will be judged more critically.


Console Runner Information

- We don't provide consoles or cables, you will have to bring your own!
This includes power adapters for consoles with voltage or frequency levels that differ from the standard in Germany.
- No PC based emulators. DosBox and official emulators like Wii VC or similar are allowed.

We will officially support these inputs:
- Composite for SD Consoles (We provide CRTs for Composite)
- S-Video for SD Consoles (We provide CRTs for S-Video)
- RGB scart for SD consoles (We provide CRTs for RGB scart)¤¤¤
- Component for SD & HD consoles (only 480i/p and above) (Displayed on HD-TV or PC monitors)
- HDMI (only 480i/p and above) (Displayed on HD-TV or PC monitors)

We won't support:
- RF
- Everything else not mentioned

¤¤¤ We will have RGB scart available, but we can’t guarantee that it will be 100% compatible. Please have one of the other supported inputs available, too.


PC Runner Information

- We will provide a runner PC;
it will most likely run Windows 7.
If you plan on doing races, we will use a practice PC for the second runner.
Feel free to bring your own laptop (HDMI video output required).
- We will provide generic peripherals for the PCs.
- Game installation will be done during console runs. Please talk to us ahead of time to install your games!!!

Please note: we highly encourage you to bring your games and/or required software on a USB stick.
Don't rely on a good internet connection to be able to install your games.



- We will try our best to provide as much practice gear as possible.
- We will have at least 6 CRT's for old consoles, one HD-TV for HD consoles and one PC for practice available.
- Our goal is to provide as much as we can, but our budget is very limited.
If you want to help us out, you can do so with a tip:



- For this marathon, cuts are done in one round.
- Expect cuts to be announced somewhen in January.

>Submit here<

Feel free to contact us on Discord if you’ve got any questions.

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