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Player Game Category Estimate Platform Region Video Comments Extra players Requirements Setup time Availability Date  
wakecoldwakecold SiN Episodes: Emergence Any% 0:30:00 PC Link Never seen before 0 Yes
wakecoldwakecold Doom UV-Speed Episodes 1-3 0:25:00 PC Link Absolute classic, that everyone would enjoy 0 Yes
KottiKotti Hitman: Blood Money PRO/SA 0:47:00 PC KOR Link Se on hyvä peli. 3 Jos ei hirveän myöhään yöhön mene niin vois käydä kaljalla runin jälkeen.
SamoyedSamoyed Burnout 2: Point Of Impact All Crash Zones 0:35:00 GCN EUR Link Cars go fast and its cool 2x cooler when racing MarioFan7464 0 pitää päästä kebabille
JazzyJazzy Environmental Station Alpha Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Haven't ben run at a Finnruns event. It's zoomy LilZ 0
SamoyedSamoyed Burnout 3: Takedown Any% 2:35:00 X360 EUR Link cars go fast yay 0 no päivällä voi pelata pelei nopeesti jee
SeductiveSpatulaSeductiveSpatula Hob Any% 1:00:00 PC Link Is good. Looks gorgeous. Fun times. Likes to crash, so will be preparing a bunch of backup saves 0
Samura1manSamura1man Super Mario Sunshine Any% 1:25:00 GCN EUR Link Super Mario Sunshine is very well known alongside with Super Mario 64 and I think it deserves to be runned on marathon by old world record holder 5 Midday, evening to midnight
Samura1manSamura1man Super Mario Odyssey Any% 1:18:00 Switch EUR Link This game seems to be very new, but it already has gained lots of attention and competition on top level, I'm one of the top runners for Any% right now 5 Midday, evening to midnight
Jupe_Jupe_ Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Any% 0:02:00 GCN EUR Link This run is somewhat tradition in our events. However, this run did not make it to the stage during our last FinnRuns event in Kuopio because the event was shorter than before. This run can be somewhat hilarious for new viewers and it's a short run. 0 I am busy in saturday evening (like 6pm and so on)
Jupe_Jupe_ Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Any% (No Item Glitch) 1:00:00 PS2 USA Link my pb will get surely better a few times before the event, but this run is just to make it to the submission list! 0 I am busy in saturday evening (like 6pm and so on)
SeductiveSpatulaSeductiveSpatula Castle Defense Alpha Tree% 0:01:00 PC Link Game made by Heinki. It's wonderful and all kinds of janky. 1
MrWalrusMrWalrus Valley Any% 0:25:00 PC Link Is fast, I am speed. 0
edwardedward Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% 0:40:00 PC Link A timeless enterntainer for any speedrun marathon done by the one and only Edward 0 Most likely available throughout the weekend!
BrormanisBrormanis Shin Megami Tensei: Synchronicity Prologue Any% 0:14:00 PC Link Cool little metroidvania released as promo material for SMT: Strange Journey. Game's got some nice glitches and while any% doesn't show off everything, it does include a fair bit of them. There's no real movement tech beyond wall climbing, so optimizing movement and boss kills are incredibly important for a good time. A relatively easy and very fun speedgame that deserves exposure! (ran on easy for marathon safety etc.) 3 Can't say anything for sure yet.
PjoxtPjoxt Die by the Sword Any% 0:36:00 PC Link sword game is cool 1 should be available for the whole event
BensagramBensagram Crash Bash 2 Player Any% NoMM 2:00:00 PS2 USA Link Finnrunscrew promised so and we also hold the current WORLD RECORD!! Pull 1 Friday evening and Saturday works.
SamoyedSamoyed Burnout 2: Point Of Impact Championship Any% 1:20:00 GCN EUR Link Its a ''challenging'' arcade racer, where you have to drive risky to go faster. Dodging traffic can be sometimes hard, because you can't really see the oncoming traffic that well 0 Available all the time.
OneginIIIOneginIII Thief ll: The Metal Age Any% Normal 1:10:00 PC Link A classic Looking Glass Studios game. Speedrun is pretty entertaining with interesting routing of missions and some cool tricks. 0 I will try to be there for the whole event.
OneginIIIOneginIII Thief: The Dark Project Any% Normal 0:50:00 PC Link A classic Looking Glass Studios game. Speedrun is pretty entertaining with interesting routing of missions and some cool tricks. Also: bunny hopping. 0 I will try to be there for the whole event.
ElguElgu Quake Easy Run 0:20:00 PC Link Game of the year 2017 Speedrunner of the year 2017 0
VPPVPP The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 2:15:00 WiiVC JPN Link Temple action in this category is cool Just learned the category so PB should come down quite a bit 0
MarioFan7464MarioFan7464 Super Mario 63 Any% 0:12:00 PC Link Underrated games need more attention. 0 Friday - Sunday
GaëlGaël Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 0:50:00 PSTV EUR Link The category is just shooting all 99 luftballons (99 ilmapalloa) while listening to a great song. It has potential for spontaneous karaoke from the public like at my recent French marathon run 0 I should be available at all times.
GaëlGaël Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ACE Showcase (Exhibition) 0:15:00 Link Arbitrary Code Execution using mp3 player data, ability to get 100% instantly, teleport to unattainable places, spawn unattainable vehicles or play PONG in Vice City 0
PullPull Crash Team Racing Any% Warpless 0:54:00 PS2 EUR Link Despite FR marathons showing up for multiple years, not a single game has come out that has more depth to its racing than CTR does. Actually that's a lie but CTR is just visually insanely fun. It's a good game ok 0 idklol, probably all but ideally during PRIME TIME EVENING
carskacarska Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 0:25:00 PC Link I'm organizer kjeh 5
ArzgaArzga Far Cry 4 Any% 0:30:00 XboxOne EUR Link Super intense high-APM shooting action with lots of fun skips, glitches and sequence breaks. 0 Yis
NikneimNikneim The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Any% 1:05:00 Switch Link gud gaem i don't know how to play 0 i'm organizer lul
PPLToastPPLToast The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Any% 2:05:00 WiiUVC JPN Link After Finnruns Slim new skips were found that save a few minutes. I'd like to showcase the new run. I'm still practicing slowly, which is why I don't have a run submitted, but I'll have it down by February. I'll post updates in some thread or discord when my times improve. The attached video uses old route due to that. I'll very likely do the run on Wii U VC. 1 Any day is fine as long as it's after 5 PM or so.
PolariPolari Mega Man 3 Any% 0:45:00 NES JPN Link super serial speed run 0 Preferably not super late I guess?
zer0skar_Izer0skar_I Final Fantasy XII Any% (NTSC-U) 6:15:00 PS2 USA Link Because it is FF12 and FF12 is freaking amazing. FF12 showcases really cool strategies and it's considered one of the hardest (Final Fantasy) speedruns. 5 Can start at: Sat 10-12 Sun 11-12
UltimaOmega07UltimaOmega07 Grand Theft Auto III All Missions 3:05:00 PC BRA Link oui duping yes ffzyesDuping This is your chance to be better than ESA *wink wink* Video has a much newer route compared to my pb on srcom. New route is not only quite a bit faster but also more marathon safe 0 All day every day except ass-o'clock
NoobestNoobest Dark Souls II Any% 0:25:00 PC Link It's fast, it's fun, 0 any
WirednotesWirednotes Gravity Rush (PS4 HD Remastered) Any% 1:48:00 PS4 EUR Link A not so well known game that really shines as speedgame. The current route showcases really fun and technical movement and interesting tech. Although not super glitch-heavy the current route does rely on quite a few very important (and new) glitches and exploits. 0 availabe Feb 3 evening or Feb 4 evening.
TelajänisTelajänis Ys Origin Any% (Toal EX) 1:30:00 PC Link It's the only one I can do :) 0 Should be available for any time or day