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So, how do we take time for these?
Just use livesplit?


Live split would definitely work!

Guideline for rules on level RD1 Speedruns.
-Timer starts when Pressing Start/A during Mayor McDaniel's instructions at start of race.
-Timer Ends at hitting last checkpoint.

Pro Tip: Arcade CPU turned down to 1.

I'm not the mod, but he will update rules later tommorrow! Awesome to see a new runner interested in SPR


I'm up for discussion with the rules. I really wish there was just an in-game timer somehow..I wonder if i could find someone to build one for us in gameshark or something!
If we are trying to go by legit timing as ILs normally are in racing games, we should have livesplit with auto timing starting from a negative value so that the time starts the moment it says GO. But again.. really stupid and hard to work with lol.

Anyways... What do yall think for ILs? Just turn CPUs down to 1? Or leave them as default? I feel like those in itself could be separate categories but theres way too many variables lol.

Remi are you interested in full-game categories? Those are much easier to define!


I feel we should definitely put CPU down to 1 for IL simply because All Tracks (RD1) has them set to default. IL is more about our driving skill, not the rng based around the other drivers.

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