Alucard - All Bosses in 38m 27s by TalicZealotTalicZealot (Obsolete)

Submitted by:
TalicZealotTalicZealot on
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PlayStation [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on
Verified by
TalicZealotTalicZealot on


Name Duration Finished at
Shield Rod 10m 11s 000ms 10m 11s 867ms
Bat 2m 08s 000ms 12m 20s 186ms
Olrox 4m 50s 000ms 17m 10s 715ms
Granfaloon 6m 15s 000ms 23m 26s 565ms
2nd Castle 1m 29s 000ms 24m 56s 210ms
Creature 2m 28s 000ms 27m 24s 651ms
Galamoth 3m 48s 000ms 31m 13s 606ms
Medusa - -
Akmodan 2m 47s 000ms 34m 01s 126ms
Beelzebub 2m 17s 000ms 36m 18s 186ms
Dracula 2m 09s 000ms 38m 27s 686ms
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