Help pls

I´ve been playing this game for so long, trying to get the death skip, but i can´t, i see so many videos who explain how to do, but still stuck in that skip, i wonder if i need a concrete version of the game or something.

California, USA

The Death Skip mentioned in the tutorial works on XBLA, PSN, and PSX versions of the game. Saturn and PSP Drac X Chronicles are separate games.

Washington, USA

Just to be clear, are you using the neutron bomb method of the death skip? Because that is significantly easier than the spell method.


Problem solve, i have been using the neutron bomb, but now i do the skip without open the map for check the frame. Another question, how can i do infinite wing smashing?


Just repeatedly do the input.


hey, guys I just start t speed run Castlevania SOTN, and yesterday while practicing I will not get the sub weapons drop. Is that a glitch?


You probably forgot to get the Cube of Zoe, which is the relic that allows candles to drop hearts and subweapons.

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