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Through all my research, I happened to find three world records without proof (just existing as a photo or a video showing the time and not the actual run) I want to post this for anyone who is crazy enough to possibly beat these and for accuracy purposes. They are as follows:

Normal Time Attack Valus in 14s 840ms by Japanese player Unidone. Region is JPN / NTSC on a PS3. Date of the Nico Nico video is July 8th, 2016. Time of upload 3 PM Japanese time. The description states that a time within the 13 second range is possible.
Video showing the time: (
NOTE: Due to this website's API not recognizing the Nico Nico player I just put parentheses around the video link. Just simply copy and paste it into your browser's address bar to watch it. It will take a bit to load unless you have a Nico Nico account however, so be weary.
SOURCE (originates from the Japanese leaderboards):

Normal Time Attack Phaedra in 40s 340ms by Japanese player Unidone. Region is JPN / NTSC on a PS3. Date is unknown.
SOURCE (originates from the Japanese leaderboards):

Normal Time Attack Basaran in 29s 010ms by Brazilian player Marcelo ( account is Madorashi Region is USA / NTSC on a PS2. Date is unknown.
SOURCE (originates from this Youtube video where he performs the Basaran NTA World Record and at the end it shows his best time is better than the record)

Small note, apparently Marcelo performed a time slightly faster than the current Phalanx NTA record but was done on a friend's PS3 without having access to a cell phone for taking a picture. He doesn't remember the exact time but just another small incentive to go for. Date is unknown.

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We gotta find out how to do that 14 seconds Valus! C'mon people, we can do it! ; ) ahah

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perhaps he timed his run from the point of first contact. This would make his 14 secs similar to the verified record - taking into account the time taken to roll up to valus.

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That makes no sense seeing that 14.84 is shown as saved, meaning it’s the IGT. There’s no ”timing” done by the runner. I doubt you could actually manipulate the IGT like that anyway, but who knows? Either it’s using secret techniques only he knows, or it’s cheated (however that would be done).


We now have video proof of it:
I'm still not sure what's going on though.

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That's crazy!! I assume you've had no luck contacting the runner about how he did it?


Definitely not, I have no idea what Unidone is doing at the moment or how to contact them. They haven't been active in a long time and they would probably ignore questions. Maybe our new jap runners could have more information.


No one else has replicated this as far as I know. It's a very interesting exploit that I hope isn't done using hacks. If anyone finds how it was done, that would be great.