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One Thing I wanted to ask is, with the growing amount of glitchless runners joining the Community, can we maybe get a Full-Game no-ultra SC and glitched Seperation? Because the Leaderboard is Just a Mix of glitched at the top and no-ultra SC at the lower end, and because of this Seperation already being on the IL Board I thought it would be pretty fitting to have it for Full Game as well

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For these kinds of changes, the most important thing is to know the opinion of the players. For major changes like this (where the number of runs in the main category is drastically reduced), the majority of players are usually required.

In this case, the most suitable would be the Glitched and No Ultra Skips subcategories. The No Ultra rules would be the same as in the ILs.
In this game even the smallest skip can be considered as glitch, so it is not possible to implement a "Glitchless" category. But it is possible with No Ultra if multiple players want it (because the rules are already agreed and approved by the community).

Now, it is important that for all who want this or not, give their opinions.

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'Glitched' + 'No Ultra" Categories in FG Leaderboard is a huge +1 for me !

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me and my group of friends have been waiting for this category to be a thing for 4 years lmao

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I've always been better at smaller cuts in this game, and I think that no ultras is such a fun category because of all of the shortcuts involved. I would love for this to happen.

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