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I made a clip of it with my gamepad input display. Feel free to watch the youtube video and slow it down, or download it and play it frame by frame.

How can you beat the spiked ball race in lava reef act 1?

1. You should flame dash above the rock in the corridor. Don't ever make contact with it. If you try to run/land on it, your momentum will be stopped abruptly.

2. When you hit the wall spring, you should still be holding right. This is to make sure sonic does not face left which is obviously the wrong direction to ascend the elevator. (if you slow the video down, you can see that he faces left at the first moment he touches the wall spring).

3. Right after you hit the spring while facing right, you need to let go of any directional input. This is because the game only allows spin dashing starting from the neutral state.

4. Then once sonic lands on the elevator, hold down and MASH spin dash. Its recommended that you use at least two jump buttons for this. The total of button inputs during the spin dash / ascension should be 16 times.

I personally suggest for newcomers to speedrunning this game / level, you should NOT try this for two reasons. First you need to practice on keeping fire shield for the whole stage. Second it can get a little janky sometimes. For now, just hide on the elevator while the spike ball runs its course. Then ascend once you are safe.

Once you learn how to do it, then its pretty easy.

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