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So we've decided after all to host IL boards here. And they are up. Obviously they are to use Time Attack mode, just submit away all your best times!

I'll start manually adding times with videos in about 2 days, but I urge you guys to submit yourselves (also because I don't know the profile name of everyone who has done runs). Only other thing to mention is at the moment there are boards for MS1 with sonic and tails because I don't think I can create one for Knuckles without them, but they just have mentioned in the rules that theya re supposed to stay empty. Have fun!

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Do we need video evidence or can we show an image of the page that shows your three best times?


Given the rampant leaderboard manipulation on the PC I think we need full video evidence


I could see that being a problem, but for example on the switch you can see the A and X buttons required to select the act or access the leaderboard respectively, so if these are shown on screen it proves that it was not performed on the PC version. In this instance, would a screenshot be accepted?


if a plug in a controller on pc it will show the buttons.

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