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I think that people want to run this category, there should be a misc category. Things like the Knuckles & Knuckles runs and Sonic/Tails & Knuckles could also be here. Plus, i'm sure it will make people who run Knux & Knux very happy.


Imo it'll be an empty leaderboard, S3K to this day still has no leaderboard for co-op nor has it been pursued, this shouldnt be any different, nothing is stopping you from doing runs of such a thing regardless of a leaderboard

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How does co-op work in this game? I've played Competitive Mode with a friend before but that's been my only experience with two-player Mania. I'd be willing to invite him over again and stream a co-op run if we're going to set up a board for it.


If you play Sonic and Tails and have a second controller/play with a controller and let the second person play on keyboard, the second person controls Tails.