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I've noticed some cheaters on the leader board on sonic mania (Not the Leaderboard)


Ok?, we have no control on that and the runs here are checked thoroughly for cheating before being verified, i'd say ignore the in-game leaderboards and check here for proper times.

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It's up to you, Raikou. It's time for you to clean up the in-game leaderboards. You knew this day was coming. Get to work, boi.

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Yup, as Raikou said, Mania in-game leaderboards are up to Sega or whoever is in charge there, not here. Your only hope is that they get cleaned by the time Mania Plus is released.


That's PC leaderboards in general. Only in here ( is where we can have reliable records. Everybody knows to never accept a time of --'--''--'' or less than 00''00''11 for sure.

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