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Since the PC version comes out tomorrow, (Yes, I can finally play it!) what advantages would PC have over console?

Loading times will be much faster, (If you have an SSD) and Mania isn't graphically intensive, so it can run on a bloody potato like my laptop lol. (Intel core i5 2520m, 6gb of RAM, 128gb generic Samsung SSD, Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics)

Assuming Mania will pull a Super Meat Boy and have a key combination that allows you to clip through walls, I can't think of anything advantageous besides instant loading.

Mania also has controller support, so I won't be surprised if some players use controllers instead of a keyboard.

For a controller, I plan on using a GameCube controller until I can build an all-button fightstick optimized for this game.

Why a GCC and not a PS4 controller? Gamecube controllers have a button layout similar to the Genesis pad, so I can swipe my thumb for 6-tap spindashes.

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about the ssd, I think many speedrunners have ssds on their ps4.


Does Sonic Mania even have load times? Maybe with the special stages, but even they they're small enough to be negligible.

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After playing mania for a while on pc now, the pc loads seem longer than the ones on consoles. Maybe its because the game has just came out idk. Either way good luck to all the runners running this game 😃

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@GamerYogi It would be more for recording game time than removing loads.


Your laptop is even better than my pc. It has a Pentium j2900


You guys know what's hilarious? My laptop, despite being able to run Mania, the game runs at the speed of PAL Sonic 1, 2, and 3K with the music running at normal speed.

I transferred the files to my desktop (FX 6100, 8gb ram, radeon hd 7770) and it runs like it should.

The speed of PAL Sonic and speedrun don't go well together lol.