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Sonic mania is a digital-only game. There is no way to select an update that has the glitches.

This is locking people out of glitches entirely, except the people who had the game beforehand and have found a way to refuse updates.

The glitched version involves unfair game-killing bugs. After puyo-puyo, during end boss, after end boss. No true fan of the game wants these random bugs to exist, they just kill your game unfairly. So this update seems pretty mandatory for any true fan of the game imho.

What is the plan moving forward? Do we alienate everyone but the very few that don't connect their console to the internet? Do we separate into glitch and glitchless? Or do we start over from this update?

From what we can tell so far, the PC version from the get-go had these bugs patched out. Most console users didn't use glitches, however I know some glitches like skipping the press garden act 2 boss can happen without even trying.

My suggestion would be keep the PC runs on, and have verifiers check the notable records (1st,2nd,3rd,4th) for glitchess and choose to keep or discard, and the rest wipe them off but allow them to re-submit if they were indeed glitchless runs.

But hey, I'm just a guy, if I'm totally off the mark please explain here.

From what I can tell, this will mostly only affect Claris' runs, but when I look at her gameplay, it is obvious she will be #1 again once if she completes a good glitchless run as she is still considerably faster than the others.

tl;dr: What should be done moving forward, now that a console patch has been released for this digital-only game, and only a very tiny amount will have a glitchable version? Can't confirm whether Switch has received it yet or not, but it is surely just < a couple days away if not.

Is a new category the best way instead? Then if so, speak that here.

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I see no reason why there can't be an Any% glitch (or whatever you want to name it) category. I'm kinda shocked it wasn't a category once the PC game came out and people saw it was pretty much glitchless compared to the console versions.

But yeah, no harm in having the new category as far as I can see.

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A new category wouldn't alienate anyone, though there'd be almost no chance for new runners to make their way onto the scene in the glitched category.