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I think it takes a little time along with the other runs that are in the queue for review. They will get reviewed soon.


How can I be a moderator? I want to help review the races


@x_factor: Sitewide recommendation is to wait 3 weeks before complaining about runs not getting verified. The moderators have lives, and your run isn't going anywhere.

@HachyMingo: No.

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For the amount of moderators it does seem kind of slow for runs to be verified

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Your run has been up for 1 day please have some patience. Remember moderators do this in their free time and the number of runs coming in is currently much high due to it being a new game. (I write this as I'm at work on lunch break)

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I swear, people have no patience.

Your run is not going anywhere, the world is undoubtedly going to still be here by the end of the week, you can wait a couple days for verification.

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Runs are reviewed in the order the mods are available to review them. With a multi platform game some mods only want to review runs on a platform they own or have done a run on.

The guidelines that cover all games indicate that one should expect up to a three week wait for a run to be verified.

Please be patient and understand they the mods are volunteers and people with real lives. I know we're all excited about Sonic Mania and everyone wants to get their name on the board, and that's good!

Just don't let your excitement turn into frustration over something you have no control over.

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How many runs do moderators have to review on average? I'm just curious.
Either way you have to admire the mods dedication to speedrunning in general.


It fluctuates from day to day. Sometimes we get alot of full game submissions along side some IL submissions and other times there are none.

Usually when there is a new development, a new player decides to speedrun the game or the game is showcased at an event is when we'll see an increase in submissions.

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