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Hey, I was going to start learning on how to speedrun Sonic Mania. before I do however I was wondering if there could be a possibility of an All Emerald Category being made because that would be my main run.


I think some people were discussing some route possibilities for all emeralds, but I don't remember where exactly. Still, there is some interest in making it a full-fledged category, so don't be discouraged to start running it already.


Argick has been doing All Emerald runs, which for the time being have been put on the regular leaderboard. iirc the reason it hasnt been added yet was cause there was not enough interest in it, but if more start running it thatd be a good basis for that to be changed

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Remember just because its not a listed category, doesn't mean you can't make it your "main run" or a run category.... A lot of people play S3&K All Emeralds but there's no "listed category"

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For now, it's not it's own category, but All Chaos Emeralds is all I run. So, you should still run it if you'd like!

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Yep as people have already said, you run what you want. I love All Emeralds and currently have it down to a 1:08:07. Hoping to take it lower.


In my opinion. yes it would. It's technically like a "Good ending v. Bad Ending" case as well.

When I got the game, the main thing I was planning on running was going to be All Emeralds Sonic Only.


I think what we were waiting for in general was to find out whether All Emeralds would actually be -faster- with the special stage trick. While that's still a live discussion I think we'll keep the charts merged, but if it becomes clear that it won't be faster it will make sense to split them up. This might also differ per character, Tails in particular is more likely to be faster with all emeralds because he doesn't play the extra boss.

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Tails All Emeralds probably will be faster. Even though he doesn't fly faster vertically, you can probably skip large areas of multiple levels because of how far you can travel while Super, especially open levels.