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I have a question that someone from this community may be able to help me with. I'm a huge fan of speedrunning and the glitches at come with it!

I really want to go back to a previous version of Sonic Mania for the PC. I know this is still considered a patched version of the game. But I want to access glitches such as Blue Super Sonic, and Sonic on Knuckles act 1 of GHZ (&vice versa)

I found a guide to downloading a previous version of the game on the link I'll post below. I can download a previous manifest, but it won't allow me to launch the game until it has been played at least once in online mode.

If I launch it like this, the game seems to be back at full update. Neither of those glitches work 🙁

So I'm wondering. Is it possible to block the update, or am I doing something wrong that isn't allowing me to pay the August 30th 2017 release?