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GHNeko feel free to still run All Emeralds. There might not be a leaderboard currently but there are a few of us still running and submitting them. If enough of us do this then we might get the category added.

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I've just noticed that All Emeralds runs are being accepted as Any% runs timed at when they beat Titanic Monarch 2. This seems very bizarre to me. Surely the timing ends where it does for Any% because it's the last action required to trigger the credits and, therefore, beat the game. With all emeralds, this does not happen, theoretically you could game over in the final fight and as things are your run would still count as having beaten the game, to some degree.

I understand that timing does end upon Titanic Monarch 2 being beaten, and these runs are still fulfilling that requirement, but looking at what I see as the logical reason why the timing ends where it does, the whole thing just doesn't make sense to me. With the addition of a recognised All Emeralds category seemingly almost certain at some point, this likely wouldn't be any sort of issue anymore. I just thought I'd share my opinion on it.

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I plan on doing some All Emerald runs soon myself, I've done a couple but nothing I'd want to submit. xD
I've been hitting time on last hit in Egg Reverie, but that's just me.