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I am a new speedrunner in general, and I am trying to do Time Attacks with best posible time before i go and do a full-game run with Sonic and Tails.
I am having a hard time consistently performing 6-7 tap spin dash and finding ways to maintain that speed, any ideas?
Also is abusing the drop dash worth it?
((Sonic Mania (PC))
Thanks for your time anyways. ❤️


Both theses videos are pretty good to understand how spindashing works. The first video focuses more on the Genesis games but it can be translated into Mania well. The second one clarifies the differences between Genesis and Mania as well

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❤️ Thank you soo much dude, this greatly helped me! ❤️
I managed to get a new PB in Green Hill 1 32.31s. Although I still suck soo badly at spin dashes.
I at least have a slight higher consistency at hitting them.