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Hey I don't know of the patch that they released was for Xbox One only but I am having a harder time getting the emeralds then normal. The bumpers are not helping me out much anymore and I just wanted to see if other people are having the same issues because I am losing runs to the Emeralds a lot more often.


The PC release (and current patch) sped up the UFO when you approach it at Mach 1. It's still possible to clear it using the bumper/sideways jump trick, but it's much, MUCH harder to do.

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Hey PRG_Smiget. Just tested this on PC to confirm and the only change that should have been made on XB1 with the special stages is that the UFO can speed up significantly if you get close to it at Mach 1. This seems to be an anti cheat mechanic put in but it's still possible to get all seven emeralds if you are going fast enough and bouncing off the walls should still work.

Again all this was tested on PC but it should be the same as far as I know.

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