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As in July 17th The Moderator is going to add Encore Mode in Sonic Mania Speedrun, So here's a question for you, Are you hype for Sonic Mania Plus?

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As the flinstones said...YabadabaPOO


Might have to jump back in with some Mighty runs.


Are mighty and Ray going to be added to the full game leaderboard of the original mania mode?


We will be making additions and changes to the leaderboards in due time. It's fairly safe to assume that we'll be adding Mighty and Ray mania mode leaderboards and an encore mode leaderboard. 🙂

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Will we be able to use replays for IL submissions?

(Side note: Ray is adorable)


I would assume yes since they save after a run if you press Y (or the Super button). Perfect for the times you do an IL run and don't have OBS or some other recording program open.