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So, before this patch and of course when PC version was out, there were no glitches.

But, by sheer luck (don't ask why I even tried it) seems there is one skip from console I can confirm is this skip in Studiopolis Act 2.

Now, I'm not a pro glitch finder/executioner but, is it possible the others are in the game as well?

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So far, from my abilities from my testings, OO2 OoB clip, both Studio Act 1 (large wall jump and boss skip) and CP2 pipe skips is still patched.


Got it under 45 seconds already. These skips are actually very reliable.

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This is really helpful, thanks! Not that hard to set up consistently either.

On another note, Sonic is very good at headstanding apparently.

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Well, I tried my best with what I know and to my ability, but I think this is the only "console skip" in the PC game.


This might be nothing but I managed to partially enter a wall.
Tried for hours but couldn't replicate it.