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Heyo everyone. This is a thread following a recent discussion in the discord and the long existing desire for categories without big skips like bop boosts. We're finally looking to make leaderboards for this, but since digging through the entire conversation is not exactly the best use of your time, I'm compiling everything discussed here in this thread. I'll then leave this thread up for a certain number of days so people can voice their thoughts before making the actual category.

The idea: make a category definition that is more heavily focussed on movement rather than big skips and brings back some cool obsoleted strats. This for the sake of accessibility and fun.

The design philosophy (yes ima make this sounds fancy af):
- Ban glitches and skips with the focus on making the run as fun as possible and bringing back cool obsoleted tricks, rather than banning anything we consider major.
- Making sure not to ban anything that can easily be done on accident. Noone like accidental run invalidations.

The glitches/tricks we'll most likely be banning:
- Bop Boost
- Power Formation Flight
- Bingo Highway Skip
- Pinball Table Launching
(side note: since bop boost state can sometimes be gotten on accident, this will be not invalidate runs. Only taking advantage of the state)
(side note 2: doing a ground pound while having skewed gravity can easily be done on accident and will not invalidate runs. Chaining them is banned)

The name:
In between all the silly unofficial names we thought up, we did eventually discuss an official name for the category. The initial one we went with was No Major Glitches, which just ended up causing the discussion of what is and is not a major glitch and would eventually lead to banning fun tricks that we really want to be in the run. As such we eventually settled on the following name that both accurately describes the design philosophy and with an acronym that rolls off the tongue nicely:

Limited Tech Selection (or LTS for short)

The categories we'll be making this split for (most likely through the use of subcategories):
Every main category except Team Chaotix as the only difference for Team Chaotix would be the 3 relatively small bop boosts.

Other stuff we considered banning and why we didn't:
- Team Blast Glitch: A pretty significant glitch depending on the team, but very easy to do on accident and just general quality of life
- Final Bingo Table Skip: Pretty major considering you pass through killplanes, but when asked "what's more fun, this skip or the table" it was unanimous

What we're still unsure about:
- Mystic Mansion Cage Clip: It's merely a clip, which there are many of in the run, but a lot of people are leaning towards banning it for the simple reason that the section it skips has cool fun strats

That's the overview right now pretty much. Nothing is set in stone so if you have any thoughts about changing the name, any of the rules, wether we should allow MM Cage Clip, etc. I encourage you to voice them!


Yo, since a few days have passed and noone has brought up any disagreements, let's make some decisions and I'll make the boards over the coming days

Limited Tech Selection (LTS)

Split applicable to:
Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, Super Hard Mode

The following tricks and glitches are prohibited:
- Bop Boost (accidental bop boost states are fine, taking advantage of them is not)
- Power Formation Flight (ground pounds with skewed gravity are allowed, chaining them is not)
- Bingo Highway Skip
- Pinball Table Launching
- Mystic Mansion Cage Clip

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