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If anyone is interested in streaming part of the marathon, please leave a reply below. Please include examples of streams you've done in the past and your computer specs. You must be able to stream at 720p60fps at at least 2500 bitrate. (Note this is not required for runners, just for streaming the marathon) You must also have a decent microphone, little to no background noise, and be able to speak clear English. Having advanced knowledge of streaming will help you get the position.

Responsibilities include:
• Hosting the marathon (Interacting with runners, reading donations)
• Setting up the layouts for each game
• Keeping a calm, professional, non-profane attitude.
• Streaming until your shift is over
• Managing the discord call, to ensure only the right people are in the call with you
• Making sure the stream runs smoothly
• Staying awake
• Probably more stuff I forgot, but you'll figure out

Respond below with why you should get the position.

Edit: The reason for requesting streamers/hosts this marathon is because these are becoming increasingly longer, this being the longest! (12 hours more than Sonic Speed 2017) It's becoming harder and harder for me to stay awake the entire time. (And unhealthy)


I can help out if needed. I stream at 720p60fps 2500 bitrate for all of my streams. I have been a runner in a few online marathons so I'm aware of some of the duties the host has. Here are my specs:

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 5820K @ 3.30GHz (OC to 4.40GHz)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Stream Examples:

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also are we gonna have a discord server for this marathon
it will be a lot easier organizing stuff for the marathon

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Hey, I've been streaming more lately, and I could potentially restream.

My computer specs/setup:
Intel i7-6800k processor
Evga Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
ASRock Taichi X99 Motherboard
Yeti Blackout USB microphone

I've been streaming at 720p60 at I think 4000 bitrate, but I might be going down to 3000 just to be safe.

My house can have background noise during the day, but at night (10pm pst or later) it is virtually silent.

At my job I work until 10pm pst, so on days that I work I would only be able to stream some time after that.

Some examples of my recent streams:

(TFW I don't know if those links will be embedded, or not.)

I may not be the most experienced, but I can definitely work with you guys if you need me!


Are locally streamed runs allowed?