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So I am conflicted between getting the PS4 version and the PC version so I am curious if there is a difference? Does one version run faster or does it not matter for the version?


Im not a speedrunner by any means however based on the amount of top 50 players using pc. It would be no streach to assum pc is faster.However there is currently a top ten GHZ time on the switch so personaly iv seen no evidence to say one is faster than the other. Id say play on the platform most comfortable to you

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Hello, with the current patch out for the PS4 and likewise for PC, there are no differences between the two in terms of mechanics and glitches. The reason why are there so many PC runners is because of the freedom you have in choosing what controller you can use and simplicity of recording runs. Unlike the console versions of the game, where a capture card is required.

The prepatch version of Sonic Mania for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch are different however, since some glitches work differently (e.g. Studiopolis 2 pipe clipping glitch) and others that are only present in said version. When the PC version came out, many of the glitches present in that version of the game were removed and thus made runs a bit slower than prepatched. The Switch is undoubtedly a popular console, so it's no surprise that some of the top runners play on it. I would say that play whichever is comfortable for you, so don't worry about any differences since all platforms are the same, unless you have prepatch for console. 🙂

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