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So there are 2 things on the agenda here. I've had numerous people message me about these for a while, I've just got around to addressing them.

The first is pretty simple; there's now an (optional) variable for Tails and Knuckles runs to state whether you got the emeralds or not. Most top runs are using them at this stage, but it just makes the information easier to read without having to watch a run first. I've changed everyone's PBs to be correct (well I hope so, sorry if I got any wrong), however I had to set a default to get them to show up on the leaderboards to start with. As such all previous PBs that are now outdated have been marked as having got the emeralds. If you care, you can change that, if not, I certainly don't care to do it myself.

The second thing, is the naming of the subcategory. It's pretty safe to say there won't be any more patches to this game, and several people have voiced their displeasure with the current name. I guess it's just not fluent enough. But so before discussing the name the first thing we need to decide is; do we want the category that allows unpatched runs to allow all runs?

Currently they do, with a name like Any Version. Some people have suggested this shouldn't be the case, and they should just be separate. Given the fact that almost no one mirrors their runs for both categories (a new feature would allow this automatically some time in the future, but yall know that SRC doesn't update every day...), this seems to be the case in practice as well.

So some of the possible names would look something like:
Newest Version / Any Version (The current one)
Patched / Unpatched
V1.03 / V1.0
Patched / Any Version
V1.03 / Any Version

I don't really have a preference towards any, so just let me know what yall think and we can come to some sort of happy ending. Cheers!


Voting for Patched/Unpatched, its straight to the point, people are running Unpatched as if its a seperate category, therefore it should be seperate regardless of activity on Tails and Knuckles (which could change at any time, availability of Unpatched is about to change with Softmods for PS4 and Switch on the horizon)


Voting for Patched/Unpatched. People are already calling these categories Patched and Unpatched. They have been for a while now. Also, Its a better way to separate the categories to better find which run is which. If somebody wanted to watch a certain run on Unpatched they shouldn't have to sort out all the newest version runs as well. But this helps determine which run is which. Currently people are only running 2 versions. PATCHED and UNPATCHED. I do not think there is a reason for people to be submitting the same runs in both categories.

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Cheers for the emerald change.

I'd like to see the naming changed to Patched and Unpatched. As has already been said people are already referring to runs being run on either patched or unpatched so it makes sense if the leaderboard is the same.

As for allowing all runs to be put in with unpatched I don't have a strong opinion either way as I don't mirror my runs and I'm primarily a patched runner that probably won't change to unpatch even if we get the ability to downgrade however I'd like to hear the opinions of those that do run unpatched. Would they prefer to have their own category (disallow all runs) or be included with all versions of the game? (allow all runs)

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Voting for Patched/Unpatched. I like the juxtaposition between the two names and it would help clarify to viewers to see whether a certain run is done in either of the two versions. This will also clear the issue of someone submitting a run to both versions, which I personally do not approve of, since it just clutters the leaderboard. As soon as there is a method to get Unpatched on the Switch, I will definitely consider also running that category as well when the time comes.


Ok so I'm pretty new which mean this might not mean a lot...or maybe it means more?

Patched / Unpatched makes more sense, my reasoning? When i first came to this game I looked through the leaderboards for how the game is played since I had 0 clue. After watching the fastest runs (of course I'm going to look there first, who isn't) I set about learning the game. Problem was 'Any version' doesn't really mean much to someone new and I ended up being really confused, luckily I had experienced runners drop by and clarify what the differences were and what I should be looking at.

Other games specify direct categories rather than a broad one (for example when a different regions game is faster, they specify that category not just lump them together). Regardless, everyone calls it patched or unpatched anyway that I have spoken to.

This is why Patched / Unpatched naming and seperation makes more sense. (To me at least). Thanks for reading 😃


My only problem with calling it Patched / Unpatched is that literally because of the name, Unpatched means just the first version that never got any patches (v1.0). Ok so far so good, but Patched? Does that mean I could use the first patch it ever got? Like the version PC came out with? That's a version that got a "patch". What's stopping me from, say, doing a Tails run and save a little more time compared to the current version using the PG2 boss skip that got removed afterward? (It should be slower because it doesn't have the SO2 glitch but that's not the point right now).

At that point I'd much prefer calling it v1.0 / v1.03. But then there's the problem of non runners being confused as to what it means. Specially since the game tends to be pretty secretive of the version number.

So I guess the best thing to do is keep Patched / Unpatched as just a name and clarify in the rules "Version 1.03 / 1.0 must be used" or something like that.

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Late but whatever; my vote goes to Patched/Unpatched. There's no need to over complicate the naming, as there just won't be a clear cut solution that answers all questions from the uninformed who don't run this game. Although I believe naming it this way is the least confusing of the options available, as there are currently only two main versions of the game right now. Yuuki's idea of clarifying the specific version for each leaderboard is a nice quality of life change to further decrease the confusion. Once the Unpatched floodgates open and are available for runners to sink their teeth into, we can see an influx of new blood to the category.