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A few things; make sure to read the rules! There are a couple of differences to keep in mind:

For full game runs, runs must be from from a new save file (or no save). The old rule of using a save file at the start of green hill is no longer, as you can simply skip past cutscenes anyway.

For IL runs, any submission that would place in the top 3 here must record the original footage, replay mode will not be allowed. This is because of it's editing potential, basically at some point (if it isn't yet), you'll be able to play back essentially tas material and have people be none the wiser. As the feature is convenient for some, we've decided not to outright ban it, to allow someone who isn't as competitive to still submit easily.

The categories have been changed a little bit. Sonic, Sonic & Tails, and Encore mode have Good Ending and Bad Ending, so there are no longer duplicate emerald submissions, as you must not have all emeralds to trigger the bad ending. New Game+ Categories have also been added to misc, where you can start with all emeralds, and use secrets (except debug), Knuckles&Knuckles runners rejoice!

Last piece, but the update the base Mania changed all Mania Mode features to 1.05, the same as Mania Plus. As such, you do not need the DLC to submit to these mania boards, so long as you are running on 1.05, all submissions go here.

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I'm confused about the start of full game runs. If we're starting from a new save file instead of a pre-made file on Green Hill 1, and if the reason is we can skip the opening cutscene now anyway, why are we making that change? It seems unnecessary. Starting on Green Hill 1 skips the opening cutscene in the most efficient way possible by not even allowing it to load in the first place, right? Why not just keep doing that?


I know the leaderboards are still hardly filled with runs yet, but I wonder why only S+T, Sonic, and Encore categories are split into bad and good ending, and for most other categories it appears to be just one column of yes/no for all emeralds. Is there any reason for it I don't know about? Just feels a little inconsistent.


Hey Zychuu, the reason they are split, for S+T / Sonic at least, the player has to play through Egg Reverie with all Chaos Emeralds - so due to the extra zone we split the times into two seperate categories.

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