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I made a mod that allows you to switch elemental shields on the fly. Here are a few things you need to know

1. PC only. Sorry 🙁

2. Dont submit speedruns using this mod. Its quite obvious that this is incredibly game changing and it actually goes against the rules for the standard categories. If we have a separate category/leaderboard that allows this mod, then that would be cool. If we see your runs utilizing the magnet ceilings and bypassing fire hazards without having the appropriate shield on, then yeah.... its gonna get rejected.

3. I recommend using Joytokey and a gamepad.

If anyone knows scripting in cheat engine, I would be very happy to have someone make the trainer allow users to change their hotkeys.

Have fun practicing strats with elementals shields or just speedrunning it on your own time (but not submitting to the official categories).