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I have 2nd place on the in-game leaderboards in FB1. I'm thinking of trying to grind for world record, but first I wanna make sure I know how submitting it would work.

I don't have a capture card and the only version of the game I have is the Switch version, so I can't exactly capture live footage. The best I could do would be to place a camera in front of my TV, which I know would be valid because I've seen verified runs that were recorded like that, but I'd rather avoid setting up a camera every time I start playing if I can

So my question is, if I finished the run and then submitted the in-game replay, would that be valid for a submission? I'm assuming the answer is no since I've never seen such a run listed here, but I wanna make sure just in case because using a camera once would be much more convenient than using it constantly. And also because I'd like to submit my current PB if I can, which I only have saved as an in-game replay.

I totally understand if this won't be accepted, I imagine the replay system is probably pretty easy to manipulate with mods and stuff, all things considered. Just thought I'd make sure. Thank you! (by the way is there some kind of rules page where I can read about this kinda thing? if there is then this post is sort of pointless lol)


You are allowed to submit runs utilizing the replay feature. The mods agreed on removing the restriction of the replay feature some time ago after seeing an influx of runners making use of it.


Oh wow that's great, thank you! I'll get around to submitting my PB sometime soon then! Is there anything I should make sure to show in the video to get my run verified?

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As long as you show the whole attempt from start to finish, you're pretty much set.