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To the people who have bought sonic mania: Is it Possible to speedrun without Plus DLC

(Mods you can respond)


yes, as long as its 1.05 your good

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This question has already been answered, but I'll go into more detail for anyone else looking at this thread.

Sonic Mania Plus takes into account the patch in it's entirety. There are a lot of under-the-hood changes that affect the gameplay in subtle ways from older versions and these are given for free in the 1.05 patch, so the Mania Plus leaderboards are for 1.05.

If you are running on a version older than 1.05 (1.03) submit to the standard Sonic Mania leaderboards at

If you're not sure, just submit it here and we'll reject it and tell you to go to the other one.

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