Sonic - Beginner / Advanced Tutorial (Plus, by Xerclipse)
Sonic - Beginner / Advanced Tutorial (Plus, by Xerclipse)
Updated 2 years ago by Xandre_S


Hello runners. This tutorial series will teach you how to speedrun Sonic Mania. The category I teach is Solo Sonic, Mania Mode, Bad ending (Plus)

Each video will show a walkthrough of an act per zone. That video will be divided into two parts.


  • Shows basic route
  • Shows alternate / back up path
  • Does not use tricks that take too much time to practice.
  • Does not go over how to optimize the path


  • Gives players a challenge
  • Saves more time
  • May not show the most optimal path but still faster
  • Assumes you watched the beginner parts first.
  • When you get comfortable with the stage, you can try these strats.

Keep in mind that this series is a work in progress. I do not have every single act done yet. So as I update this guide, you are welcome to stay updated as well.

Input display is shown at the bottom right corner. You can also download the video and slow down the frames if you really want to understand the timings of the input.

Completed tutorials

Next one: LR 1 (yes im going out of order because i feel like its a daunting stage)

Coming Soon:

PG 1 (footage taken) PG 2 SS 1 (footage taken) SS 2 HC 1 HC 2 MS (Both acts will be featured) OO 1 OO 2 (footage taken) LR 1 (footage taken) LR 2 (footage taken) MM 1 MM 2 TM 1 TM 2