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Level Leaderboards/Time Trials
Ontario, Canada

I know the mods are probably working on making leaderboards for specific levels(time trials), but I just wanna make sure we're getting them, right?, because I've got 9th in the world on Green Hill Act 2(on online leaderboards in game) and it'd be cool to submit that here.

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I saw an interesting take on this earlier for a different game: https://www.speedrun.com/Wreckless_The_Yakuza_Missions/individual_levels.

It might be a good idea to separate it like this so as not to clutter the main Leaderboard.

That said, I think we definitely need it.

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United States

Surpised I haven't seen some 2 second runs already in-game. It's fun to see videos anyway, even if you technically aren't THE fastest in the world in-game.


this gonna be level based or full game only?