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Just to let you know that there have been some changes to the board.

Full-game leaderboard:
Added 2 new categories which are Sonic & Tails and Knuckles & Tails. This was done because of consistency with the 'fly with the main character' mechanic, which is the same as in Mania. Plus other reasons such as reach routes you couldn't reach before and faster boss strats. Edited the rules to make it simpler. Game information has been updated.

Level Leaderboard:
Added ILs and rules for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Sorted out the ruleset for Tails and Knuckles since it doesn't affect Sonic.

Some tools have been added so you can play the mobile version on PC.

The background and colours have been updated.


Bit silly the level leaderboards don't have hidden palace or boss attack. The boards were obviously just copied from s2 plain instead of adding all the things in this game.

Also the addition of & Tails being separate categories is super duper dumb. Mirroring Mania for the sake of it is ridiculous, just makes shit barren for no reason (and Mania boards aren't good). Do the thing that actually works for that game. Not picking Tails as a partner isn't worthy of a diff category at all - it's not a diff character. Would be just as silly to add different categories for whether you use elemental shields or not. Do the thing that's faster.