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I wanted to try speedrunning SoF (played it a lot back in the day), but there's no documentation of rules or allowed stuff.
What would you guys consider allowed and/or not allowed in runs?
Also is something like a frame limiter recommended?


Hey man!

I am glad to see you are interested. I have not played enough sof1 to answer exactly what you need, but if you just wait for KL0P5 or chargerbandit to answer, they will definitely be able to help you set up. It shouldn't take more than a day or two.



There's not really any rules. So long as you don't use any cheats or console commands and you use the autosplitter anything goes. Community version is allowed. Frames don't need to be limited you can have them as high or low as you like.


Asked about the frames because I seem to have an issue which makes the game lag like it was on a faraway server, even though I'm playing locally, and thought it's influenced by the framerate


Hey man, feel free to add us on Skype (my username is chargerbandit) or join our Discord server (, we have plenty terrible SoF memes there, please come.