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I have been trying to find a way to capture the emulator window on OBS but the most I can get is the options bar and game feed. I cannot capture the full window as a proof that I'm using an allowed emulator.

Is there a way to capture all the window without using the capturing screen option??

I use Gambatte


Display capture will capture your whole desktop, and then you can hold the left Alt key and drag the sides to resize it down to just the emu window 🙂

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That's what I wanna avoid since I don't use to have the emulator on the same spot all the time. Every time I open it I use to move it since the position where I have it don't get saved, and I don't wanna keep cropping the display capture all the time.

If I complete a run can I activate the display capture to show that I used an allowed emulator??


Understandable. We have temporarily relaxed the emu window requirement. Good luck and have fun!

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