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I think it would be pretty cool to see how fast we can do individual Survey missions or a speedrun for each Expedition Mission. And have a separate drop for True Attack Mode. It would add variety to this game for Speedruns.
I think if the rules were stated well then this could be a great idea. Obviously you could take any gear in at any point (which would be made clear in the rules, cause otherwise it'd be a nightmare to have an insane amount of different regulations like "just after any%" or something silly) and I guess True Attack could be split into two if need be (Any%, so just after Female/Colossal and NG+ with any gear and equipment?) but it'd be interesting to have them for sure. I wouldn't be able to participate for a while because my pc keeps hard freezing and the psu sounds like it's going to explode after a short period of playing, but I would be interested when I can sort all this crap out (and especially before AoT 2 of course!)

We don't have mods at the moment (Sora is active though and verifys runs very fast!) so i'm not quite sure how we'd go about this, but i'd certainly be down for it. We did have another mod as well but they seem to have deleted their account unfortunately.
Yah I guess equipment mods would be an issue. So Any% and maybe a Basic Equipment category (although True Attack would be insane then)