Glitch found on Nuclear
2 months ago
United States

I found a glitch that can help get a layout of under the map by jump on the lasers. The lasers at the front slow you down for some reason and allow you to jump midair.


This is actually cool, I don't think it will help for runs but still interesting.

United States

I already knew about getting out of bounds in nuclear when you were able to walljump off any wall before it got patched. Didn't know you could just jump while inside the lasers though, pretty cool find. As Nsala said though, probably not helpful.

United States

Oh yeah also (this is kinda off-topic too), but I noticed in ur 1.0 jewelry store run that the flashlight didn't work. This is exclusive to the "potato" option in the quality settings. If you put it on the next highest one (performance), then you can actually have a working flashlight lol

United States

I was playing mansion and found that this glitch works on all lasers.

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