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Yeah it happens if you use the practice codes.


I'm a bit confused by what you mean when you say "this is an Xbox game." It was released at the same time for PC and Xbox. If anything, Sunshine has MORE reasons to create separate categories since it was originally released for the GameCube years before the Wii came out. But we don't. Why? Because that shouldn't matter at all. If there are multiple platforms for a game, one of the platforms is bound to be fastest, and that one should always be predominantly used. Another counterexample would be NieR: Automata as someone else mentioned. It was originally released for PS4 and the PC port was released 10 days later. I am not familiar with the speedrun for it, but looking at the leaderboard they have both platforms together, with the top times being on PC. They have a "Patch Version" column and the ability to filter by patch and platform. Filtering will show updated rankings as if you were looking at new categories. I think this is exactly how we should do it.

I have to say I disagree with having separate sub categories for each category. Even with how simple the leaderboards are now there are a few categories that barely get any attention. That is simply the reality with any speedgame, and adding more categories is only going to make it worse. Now, adding more niche categories as you suggested would be a good idea and wouldn't add to the clutter since they'd be in misc. categories. Another suggestion for one of them could be "10 coins%" or "all coins" or something.

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Looks like I misread icy's post. It sounded like they were advocating for wiping old runs when a new patch happens. The rest of my post still stands however.

"if the fastest possible time was the default, then Any% or All Bosses Simple would be the main category, not All Bosses Regular." All Bosses Regular is the most popular category, which is why it shows up first when you click on the game leaderboard. This has nothing to do with how fast the category is. My wording might have been confusing when I said "default" but I am actually advocating for having another column that says "Version" and keep them all together. Like I've said, moving old version runs away from the main leaderboards would push more people away than simply adding a new column. The fact that people playing on the new version are at a disadvantage doesn't matter at all, since there are plenty of things that could give someone a disadvantage that we accept on a regular basis. It would definitely not matter to the casual speedrunner since they aren't going for a top time and they can still submit to the main leaderboards.


In my opinion, the fastest version should ALWAYS be the default. People who want to run the game casually are still free to run on the newest patch. Downgrading is a pretty minor inconvenience, and a guide should be posted in the "Guides" section. Sometimes getting the best time in a game requires dealing with minor inconveniences. Another such inconvenience is changing control schemes. The run is harder with default controls, but putting in the small effort required to learn a new control scheme makes the run faster and better. Same principle.

The Xbox consideration is totally irrelevant. As another commenter stated, there is ALWAYS going to be a dominant platform for any game with multiple of them. Look at Super Mario Sunshine. All the top times are the Wii version because the loading times are faster. People are still free to run on the GameCube version (there are a couple on there) but they are at a disadvantage. Once again this also applies to version differences.

I don't know if it's possible on this site but I propose that in addition to the "Platform" column on the leaderboard we add a "Version" column. I see no reason whatsoever to create more new categories if adding a column is possible. This way nobody would be pushed from running the game casually, since if they intend on taking it more seriously they will go through the small effort of downgrading.

The old version is the best for speedrunning as it is the fastest and has exploitable glitches. The idea that we should invalidate all runs that are on older versions is ridiculous. I would argue that this would push many speedrunners away, including me.

As a side note to the moderators, please try to be more decisive. The future of this game is unclear as there is still no consensus on the menu glitch. If things continue like this, who knows how long future decisions will take? You can't make everyone happy.


New runner for this game but thought I'd give my input too. I don't buy the whole "get good" argument. That is unrelated to the topic of whether or not the menu glitch should be in a separate category. Take Pokemon Red/Blue for example. The save corruption makes such a massive difference that it is in a different category. I'm not part of that community but I'm willing to bet that people didn't say "get good" if they wanted it to be in the same category.

On the other hand, I don't buy the "less fun to watch" argument either. That is a reason for people to not do the glitch, but NOT a reason for it to be moved to a different category. There are plenty of games that are much less fun to watch than Cuphead. This game is friendly to new watchers for the most part. Also the glitch can be executed at any point in the boss fights.

Really the only thing we should be considering is whether the time save is enough to warrant being a different category. It saves up to 3 minutes, which would be about 12% of the world record time for All Bosses. Whether that is enough to warrant separate categories is not up to me.


Congrats your shitpost ended up being shittier than the actual posts.

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Take a look at his most recent tweets:

Hope to see one of you at a GDQ!


I'm also not good but I'm interested.


How different are Nintendont loading times from playing from a disc on the Wii? Also is Nintendont classified as an emulator?


So I was just messing around and I found out that you can cause text overflow when talking to the Mad Dummy. This allows you to move while he's talking, but unfortunately you can't go past him. If you go back to the previous room and return, the dummy will be in his original position but the music before the battle will still play. If you keep repeating this, the music will keep stacking. If someone can figure out how to get past the dummy, we could skip the Mad Dummy fight.

I made a video:

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So I was just messing around with the rocket nozzle in Delfino, and I found a way to clip through the Corona gate with the rocket nozzle glitch. Unfortunately, there's no loading zone at this point so Mario is kind of stuck. If there's a loading zone at any point, Corona early would be possible.


I would do a casual playthrough of the game first (not necessarily in one sitting). That actually really helped me get a better feel for the game. Then I'd learn the major skips that Dutch mentioned. This Google Doc has a lot of helpful resources:

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