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As some of you may have been aware, we previously had a limited range of accepted video platforms as a way of ensuring video can be look at scrutiny in case of cheated runs. However, we have decided to ease this rules to accomodate other platforms.

This is the amended rule:
All runs using the in-game timer (IGT) will be considered for verification regardless of which video platform the run was uploaded to.
However, if the video does not contain IGT, it must be uploaded to YouTube as it is the only platform where our retiming tool work.
If you are uploading to Youtube, make sure your video is not set to Private, so we can access it.

All other rules still apply, so runs may still be rejected for other reasons.
This will be effective 9th October 2021.

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I know this is wildly irrelevant, but how do you make forums?


go to the forums section and press new thread