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This CE board currently looks quite cluttered. I suggest moving the smallest, most inactive, and/or most pointless of extra categories to a miscellaneous tab so they're still accessible but don't clutter as much.


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Well,I,As a Non-Moderator still think that The Variations of some categories shall be moved like you said!
Example:All Switches no Cape,All Switches Small Only or Other Categories Variations Like World 2 No Cape And World 3 No Cape


This leaderboard is essentially the "Miscellaneous" tab of Super Mario World. It's not the main board that many people are aware of. There are obviously many categories and iirc SRC doesn't allow for the best way to categorize categories, as whatever doesn't fit on the line of tabs already set up gets pushed to the next line.


So That's Why The Normal SMW Leaderboard and the "Category Extensions" have no Miscellaneous tab!
Thanks for saying this! 😉