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I'm not going to speedrun this game yet, but why isn't there an any% category, There should be, right?


A far as I know the game used to have Any% but due to glitches or ACE it was decided to name some categories after the amount of levels (Exits) you collect to beat the game.

11 Exit would be the equivalent to Any% as 11 is the minimum amount of exits needed to complete the game without ACE; similarly 96 Exit would be the equivalent to 100%.

There might be some discussions about which is which% but I mean for a new player is ok to think 11 Exit as Any% and 96 Exit as 100%, eventually if you jump into the game you'll get more familiar with the categories.

Good Luck!

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If you ever do decide to start running this game I recommend starting with 11exit. As it allows for a fun, easy, and typically short speedrun.

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