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“-Fruit stand clip is not allowed, you must die of fall damage”
Sounds like you mean “Death by standing out of bounds is not allowed”, banning that one clip would be pretty arbitrary, and you can take fall damage by landing oob which would fit the goal of dying from fall damage


It's not technically dying from fall damage. Although you do take fall damage from landing oob, the reason you die is from being oob, not from taking fall damage.


No I mean you can take 7 damage, then fall out of bounds and you’ll die from fall damage, not from being oob



I would like to propose a category extension called Any%n't. In the run, you start with a completed any% file with nothing else done on it, and proceed to collect every shine not obtained in an any% run. This includes all the blue coins, all delfino shines, episode 8 shines, hidden shines, 100 coin shines, Gelato 1-6, Bianco 1, and Pinna 5. Timing starts upon file select, and ends when your shine count displays 120. You do not have to defeat bowser, as it is done in any%.

I'm proposing this for two reasons: 1) it features the latter half of 120 runs, which a lot of people enjoy, and 2) it provides an interesting routing opportunity.

Here's a link to my awful first run:

If there are anymore questions, feel free to let me know.


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Category Name: Reverse Level Order
Time starts when pressing A to select 'Yes' to create a new file. Time ends when you land the final ground pound in the Bowser fight.
You may not enter a level until you defeat Shadow Mario in the subsequent level.
The level order is the one in the shine total list in the z menu from bottom to top: Pianta, Noki, Sirena, Pinna, Gelato, Ricco, and Bianco.

My video:

If you need more runs, this was a race with @GenoKirbyGenoKirby and @ToburrSMSToburrSMS

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