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All delfino shines NG+

-Collect all the delfino shines in a post corona file
Timing starts on file select.
Timing ends when Mario holds up the final plaza Shine.


Any% (No X Button)
Timing starts on file select.
Timing ends on the last ground pound of Bowser.
You cannot use the X Button.

Finally got a run in, even though it was atrocious.


Prakxoelpatatita: Added

mdmason85: Added


I think we should add Any% Skippable cutscene. Where it’s Any% but you start after the tutorial/cutscene. This would be good for reducing the waiting time after resetting.


Yoshi World Tour
timing starts from racefile
ride yoshi in every level and delfino plaza
timing ends when you ride the last yoshi


Flooded Plaza All Shines

Play from a save file that directly lands you in the flooded plaza.
Timing starts on file select.
Timing ends when the Shine Sprite counter ticks over to the next number after collecting the last Shine Sprite.

Collect every possible Shine Sprite in the flooded Plaza.
The 11 possible Shines are Pachinko, Gelato Pipe, Jail Secret, Chuckster, Lighthouse, Lilypad, Right Bell, Shine Gate, Gold Bird, Red Coin Field and Delfino 100 coins.

(Can you make "Flooded Plaza" a category, and "All Shines" and "All Shines All Blues" sub categories please ?)

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All Plaza Blues:

Goal is to collect all the blue coins available in delfino plaza (airstrip is not included).

Time starts with race file and time ends on the final blue coin save prompt.


Aliven't World Tour: Goal is to make Mario die in every world (Besides Corona bc it would be Any% at the point). Timer starts on racefile. I'll link an example of the run.

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Hoverless All Blue Coins: Except you can't get all blue coins hoverless so we just stick with 236. Goal: Get all blue coins possible without using the hover nozzle. Timing starts on file select, and it should be treated like a Normal/Hoverless Category like the main category leaderboard has it.


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all ep. 1 blues

goal: collect all the blue coins available in episode 1 of each level.

timing starts on race file and ends on the final blue coin save prompt

-blues must be collected in episode 1.

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10 Shines (No Shines)
Start from Race File
Get Shine Counter to 10
Don't collect physical Shines


Super Mario Sunshine Emulator Any%

Rules: Same rules as any percent on console and Wii. This run would be for people who can't afford a Gamecube or Wii that could play SMS, and letting them abide by the rules of any percent if they wanted to go for WR, however it would only count for the emulator category.