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I'm trying to get into running sms and I'm not sure what system to purchase to play it on. Should I buy a Wii or gamecube or just run on a emulator? What the advantages/disadvantages.

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Wii saves time on loadings over GameCube (30 seconds to 1 minute) and emulator is not allowed for times under 1:35:00. Also, emulator has some slow downs.


lol you don't need a japanese wii

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SB is right, u can just homebrew it and use Priiloader to remove region lock lmao


homebrew requires stuff like USB/SD and thats banned

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No its not., its totally allowed, go see the rules lmao.

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USB loading and SD loading is banned. Homebrewing your Wii to allow region freeing isn't whatsoever, as long as you use don't use any Homebrew to load the game from something other than an original disc.

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ty Milk