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Just think about it. With Early cycle, a good run with Petey, first try Gelato and all that, it could be possible to shave off perhaps 6-9 minutes tops. Not to mention that a lot of people are going nuts trying to find a new skip.

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Weegee14 recently got a decent pb and now i think that he could be a potential for the world record now.


Jcool is a major WR contender with his 1:15:17


Jcool would be a major WR contender if he was running from a new file.


JJ, Jcool and others would be really good contendors for WR. every WR that is got has timesave, and unless its TAS esc perfect, will probably be beaten.


i think Urinal Mike might beat it

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it's beatable because he died in one of the shines, so it's beatable


Reed can beat it by 56 minutes imo

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Its not unbeatable just really hard and a lot of luck involved


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