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I sure do myself, but with enough practice, I think Levaten can do it.


Nindiddeh should be able to beat his own time if he played more (he has sum of best 1:12). If someone beats him he will likely come back with a huge PB. He's a legend

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Well the record does have a bad RNG section and a death so... Yeah 100%


I think Levaten should have beaten this time if he had continued speedruning full category.


There is currently only one player that I believe can do it and here's why. The current player with the potential is Yamata. I say this because Levaten quit SMS and I just talked to Nindiddeh on Twitter and he stated the will not play anymore. This means that Yamata is next in line.


Not many active runners who are close to diddeh's level yet, however theres a few runners whom have the potential to possibly beat him in the future. Any time soon? Probably not. I'd say look out for Kaffelon/Dutchj if they keep playing.

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Well... Bad RNG and a Bianco 6 death. I say he can shave at least 20 seconds if he plays it more. If not, Yamata, Kaffelon, or maybe even someone like Trey or Bouncey if they start doing some more Any%, could get the record next.

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I believe Nanashi is the player with the most chance of getting the record atm.

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I’m sure stelzig has been secretly practicing for over a year and he’ll get WR in like two weeks

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Tareq did u use drugs man? Thats no good


every wr there has ever been is perfect and will never be beaten

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Diddeh's time is definitely possible to beat. Human theory shows my point. And i'm betting that someone like AverageTrey or Yamata will go for wr. Especially trey because he got sub 3 hour at 120 shines and maybe he would want 1:13 if it is even possible at the moment with all that rng.