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Ello ello. I was recently asking myself, "Why the hell aren't their any forums or posts or videos on SMS Jumpless?" So, I set out to test to see if you could defeat all Shadow Mario fights and get to Corona Mountain to take down Buff Boi Bowser. I have so far completed Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, and Pianta Village without jumping once (bail-outs are not jumps, so they are allowed.) However, I am currently on Shine 1 in Noki Bay, and I am struggling getting to the platform on the farthest right side of the mountain. Any ideas on how to gain more vertical height besides the Hover Nozzle and bailing-out? Because if this becomes possible, we can possibly have a new category for Super Mario Sunshine that will have people bashing their heads in. (Edit: I decided to play by Odyssey rules, and allowed Wall Jumps to be viable. I understand that the word JUMP is in the name, but meh.)

Hover Nozzle
Turbo Nozzle
Spray Nozzle
Ground Pounds
Side Steps
Rocket Storage
Water Sliding
Wall Jump

Not Allowed:
Double Jumps
Triple Jumps
Spin Jumps

(Final Edit: It is absolutely impossible. So, as a means to cover this up, we can go with a "least jumps & time" category.)

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what about JUMP dives OpieOP

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Noki 1 is done by bouncing on the goop boulders that roll down the cliff, but good luck getting that non-TAS:

The A Button Challenge got really active last year, the only levels that require pressing A at all are secret areas. If rollouts are allowed, you could save about half of the remaining jumps.

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Wow. Okay then. Thanks for showing me this. This just got us closer to the possibility of a new category. We are now 68% complete.


I don’t think Noki 6 can ever be jumpless, just getting out of the glass box at the beginning takes a spinjump and two wallkicks, but the category could be to beat the game in less than 15 jumps (or whatever amount is RTA-viable)

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Ouch. That killed it. That makes me upset now. Oh well. I don't even think I could unlock Sirena.


You can unlock Sirena by making Shadow Mario drop Yoshi on the roof

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Another way I found was get Yoshi from his little spot near the bell tower, and roof hop over to near the pineapple. Then, you can flutter the moment you drop off the edge, and eat the pineapple.


A least jumps category would be neat.

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Oh right, I was about to ask about Yoshi’s flutter, but I guess as long as you don’t jump to trigger it it’s fine

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i was just going to ask about a jumpless run. i did Pinna 3 but that water is a death trap.

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You are not wrong, my friend. You fall in there, you are astronomically screwed.


Yeah, that's the only body of water that you can't exit without jumping (though you also don't want to fall in the water on the plaza near the warp to Noki)

Also, is it allowed to jump off a pole or a mesh wall? Both cases put Mario in the same state as a wallkick but idk

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Pole jumps are fine. However, mesh wall jumps are off limits.